Love gives us a fairytale
A: How do you know if you like someone? B: I do not know, there is a feeling that I have and you? A: Call me old fashioned but I still trust to heart palpitations and stomach tingling. B: I would so love to spend a night with you, just liying in bed and hug you.

I’m feeling so weird. Wwwwwwweeeeeird. Nothing but weird. I. Feel. Weird.

Exactly one week of work left. I must confess I’m really looking forward to my 2 free months. As far I spent most of my time with MM. she’s such a snob I feel like slapping her 2/3 of the time she talks- and J.. N. spent the last week with her mother, her stepfather left her. Pretty hard for both of them, considering he was a better father to her, than her real father. Well today I have an appointment at the doctor’s - yay :/ wish me luck


The Wonder Years - Passing Through a Screen Door (x)

Soooo excited to meet up with him in about 5 weeks. He’s enjoying himself and I can’t wait to spend all the time with him…

So apparently I do like work though I’m bored quite a bit during the day. Spending most of my time at the lake with my girls (who I seem to be so close with out of a sudden) N.K. and J. or in the city with H. and F. I enjoy myself a lot lately it’s weird to see all this friendships happening. Like so suddenly.
I feel so weirdly happy and I don’t know why. But I’m fine :) I am not complaining.
I started playing tennis again, I’m not that good at it anymore but my ambitious side got me :)
Keep smiling out there:)